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Chrome frame

Google Chrome Frame

Google Chrome Frame is a retort of Google company to Internet Explorer browser which is still widely popular, despite the fact that its rendering engine remains fallen behind other internet browsers. By applying this plug-in, users can benefit from Webkit engine capabilities and, at the same time, do not loose the opportunity of using Internet Explorer interface. To make this interesting solution work, an appropriate "meta name" has to be implemented into the head section of the visited page.

In accordance with that, our template contains an appropriate option in its settings that helps the user to switch the meta name in the head section, so that all IE users that have Google Chrome Frame plug-in installed will be able to see the web site along with all facilities offered by Webkit rendering engine.

To get know more about Google Chrome Frame, please visit:

http://code.google.com/intl/en-GB/chrome/chromeframe/ - the official Project

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